"The sea blue" awaits you to share in groups its multi activities: dynamic with regattas or catamaran trips, quieter with boat tours or underwater exploration, the sea opens its immensity to disconnect 

Team bulding Catamaran racing for exceptional sensations

With friends or in a company, share an exceptional moment aboard two Extreme 40 catamarans.

These multihulls sailed until 2016 on an international circuit, they were piloted by the biggest names in sailing such as Franck Cammas, Loïc Péron... These fast boats are relatively easy to use even by neophytes taking part in manoeuvres and can make you appreciate the sensations of speed when they fly on a single hull. America's Cup type course (short courses between several buoys with lots of manoeuvres and action).

  • Period: May, June, September, October
  • Group base: 10 people maximum per boat
  • Duration: Day from 10 am to 5 pm
  • Price: 1 400 euros / catamaran (excluding meals*)

*Meals: possibility to disembark for lunch in a restaurant or catering meal on board the boats, please contact us. Possibility of a coastal course (for example: race to Port-Cros, lunch break and swimming, then return trip) and for larger groups on request contact us.

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Privatization of Power Catamaran

A unique moment aboard this sublime power catamaran

Invest the place to enjoy the sun and turquoise waters of the Bay of Saint-Tropez! This spacious and comfortable catamaran is a place of original reception and allows a stable navigation thanks to its two hulls,  its weak draft allows it to approach closer to the beach. Privatize the catamaran to the beaches of Salins, Pampelonne and Cap Taillat to organize an anniversary, a party with friends, a seminar day to your image and in complete privacy.

  • Number of people: 18 people max
  • Period: April to October
  • Duration: from 10h to 18h30
  • Price: 1800 € * for the skipper and fuel group included

Daily price without meals - possibility picnic to consult us.

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Follow-up Voiles de Saint-Tropez

To follow the veils of Saint Tropez by boat, it is to live on great emotions.

Unquestionably,  one of the most important events. The Veils of Saint-Tropez it is the gathering of Modern sailboats and sailboats of Tradition with two coastal routes a day. Look, admire, photograph to keep only unforgettable memories.

The boat will be privatized for you.

  • Validity: in September 29th on October 6th
  • Base group: 76 people
  • Duration: 2 hours from saint-Maxime or from Saint-Tropez
  • Price : to consult us
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Découvrez les eaux turquoises en paddle Géant entre amis, en famille à Ramatuelle

To discover the turquoise waters and the most beautiful places of the peninsula.

Go on a giant paddle around dream creeks for unforgettable swimming! Good atmosphere guaranteed! - Departure from the Escalet base in Ramatuelle or beach of Pampelonne - Equipment supplies – Condition: know how to swim. Giant paddle for 2 to 8 people !

  • Validity: all the year
  • Group Base: 8 people
  • Duration : 1 h
  • Price: 80 euros for 8 people without monitor - 120 euros for 8 people with monitor

 Groups up to 32 people max - we consult

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1/2 Journée à Pampelonne

Half day dream catamaran to the famous beach of Pampelonne.

After leaving the port, you will walk along the villas of the stars, then we will anchor to the famous Pampelonne Beach where you can have kayaks and snorkeling equipment (fins, mask and snorkels). A real moment of relaxation and fun for your group. ½ day cruise with drinks (punch, sodas, fruit juice, coffee, mineral water) The boat will be privatized for you.

  • Validity: all year
  • Group base: 28 people minimum 80 people maximum.14h00-17h00.
  • Duration: 3 hours (from 14h to 17h)
  • Price: 40.50 € per person
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Catamaran day to cap Taillat

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Day in Port Cros from Cavalaire

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Sunset in catamaran

To live an exceptional evening with meals and drinks on board.

Embark aboard maxi one catamaran, take advantage of this unique moment in navigator under stars for magic moments and of intense feelings. With a fantastic view in the colors of the sunset, you will immortalize this moment by savoring this evening.

 The boat will be privatized for you.

  • Validity : all year 
  • Group: 28 people minimum and of 80 people maximum.
  • Duration: 4 h (19 h/23 h)
  • Price : 54 € per person
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Day catamaran off Pampelonne

To share strong moments the time of a day in catamaran

To the program: veil, idleness, bathing, kayaks, snorkeling, apéritifs, meal. We shall raise veils to go to 3 Courses by navigating along the villas of the celebrities. After the beach of Pampelonne and the Course Camarat, we shall cast anchor in the peninsula of Course Taillat the time of the meal and the nautical activities. The cruise will continue aimed at the Course Lardier with a last stopping place bathing before return at about 5 pm on Saint Tropez.

The boat will be privatized for you !

  • Validity: all the year
  • Group: 28 people maximum minimum and 80 people.
  • Duration: day 10h/17h
  • Price : 81 € per person
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Discovered in stand up Paddle

The sea for horizon ... why don't you try the stand up paddle ?

The Stand Up Paddle, a mixed between Kayak and Surfing, will assure you this sensation unique to walk, to slide and to surf on the sea. The initiation is easy and fast, within the reach of all. Discover this nautical activity for a maximum of physical and mental well-being. Try the Stand Up Paddle, soon you cannot take place any more.

  • Validity: all year
  • Base group: 10 people minimum
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price : from 22.50 € a person
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Canoë Kayak Ride

Enjoy a sublime and magical setting for a guided canoe kayak hike.

From the base of the Escalet or the beach of Pampelonne in Ramatuelle, you will leave in single or twin kayaks to discover wonderful coves in the turquoise waters. Sport and relaxation will be part of this half-day dream to join the Cap Taillat where your graduate guide will be at your side to share this activity.

  • Validity : all the year
  • Group base: 10 people minimum
  • Duration: 3 h
  • Price: 25.00 € per person
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Baptême de Plongée dans le golfe de Saint-Tropez

Discover the seabed of the bay of Saint-Tropez

More than thirty dive sites for beginners and experienced diver. Open to all, a dive can be done either in the pool, from the beach, or by boat. During your first dive, you will discover the wonderful droopy rich coral, sea fans and fauna of all kinds, which make the Mediterranean and Gulf of Saint Tropez a place of exploration diverse underwater.

  • Validity: all year
  • Group base: 10 people
  • Duration: 3 hours including 20 minutes in the water
  • Price: 59 € per person
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Catamaran : follow-up of “les voiles de Saint-Tropez”

To follow the regattas of Modern boats, yachts of Tradition and Wally.

Embark aboard maxi catamaran of 23 m, ex Marc Pajot's ELF Aquitaine II, and follow the race as ever. Locations in the strategic places such as the starting line, the passage of buoys...You will take advantage completely of the race by being at the heart of the event.

  • Validity : from September 29th till October 6th, departure every day
  • Group: 28 maxi people - Privatization of the Boat
  • Duration: day
  • Price : 2100 euros


For the small groups to consult us – optional: meal on board to consult us-

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Bachelorette party in catamaran

Catamaran sunset for a bachelor party

A stroll in catamaran during the sunset for a bachelor party. Take advantage of the stroll to relax you, drink the aperitif and listen to the music. Ideas of challenges and missions for the bride will be possible with the cooperation of the other passengers

  •  Validity : From April to October
  •  Group : 10 people
  •  Duration : 2:30 h (Departure 18h30-Return 21 h)
  •  Price : 350 euros for the group

Kayaks, Paddles, snorkeling at arrangement

Privatization and groups up to 27 maxi people - to consult us

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Sensations au cœur « des Voiles de Saint Tropez »

A unique experience to follow 'les Voiles de Saint-Tropez"

A unique experience aboard speedboat of exception to follow regatta and be as closely as possible to crews.We propose you for you group established of 12 people to be comfortably installed for the follow-up of the Modern sailboats, Wally, and the sailboats of Tradition in the choice according to the day* with a professional skipper specialist of the great departures of Races (Road of the rum, America cup, Vendee globe, Solitary person of the Figaro).

Come to live a moment of exception !

  • Validity: from 02/10/2017 till 07/10/2017 *
  • Base Group: privatization for 12 people
  • Duration: 1:30 am (Departure in 10h30-12 a hour 15 - 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm)
  • Price : 1500 euros for the group

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Come and spen an exceptional moment aboard your authentic Polynesian canoe.

You like the sea and the nature, we propose you an original activity between friends, in family. Let bewitch by the beauty of the Cap Taillat, by the waters turquoise of Ramatuelle to live an exceptional and wonderful moment aboard your authentic Polynesian Pirogue.

Change of scenery guaranteed to 2 or 4 people by Pirogue!

  • Validity: of 01/05 in 30/10
  • Base Group: 10 people
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: 300 euros
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1/2 Journée en catamaran au large de Saint-Tropez

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In full sail, with friends …

Learn about sailing and navigational practices.

Discover the bay of Saint Tropez, otherwise, by its wild, unique and majestic side. Learn about the practice of the sail and the methods of navigation on a sailboat of 13,80 m of length and 4,30 m of wide in a warm and comfortable. Enjoying swimming in small creeks in the turquoise blue and transparent water (according to weather conditions)

Keep an inexhaustible memory of fantastic navigation !

  • Period: All the year
  • Group base: 8 people maximum per boat
  • Duration: ½ day or day
  • Price: 38 euros per person  ½ day
  •           75 euros par person per day

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The bay des Canoubiers by boat

The village and the famous houses of Saint-Tropez since the sea.

Embark for The Bay of Canoubiers. As of big painters and writers, come to admire this privileged site, today desired by the biggest fortunes. Enter the history books of Saint-Tropez aboard the boat or you will have a fantastic view over Ponche, the Citadel, old Saint-Tropez, villas of the stars …

  • Validity: from February till November
  • Base group: from 15 people
  • Duration: 1 am
  • Price : 9 euros a person(by nobody)

For the privatizations and a boat of very big capacity, to consult us.

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Stag party in catamaran

A catamaran ride during the sunset for a bachelor party.

Take advantage of the stroll to relax you, drink the aperitif and listen to some music. Ideas of challenges and missions for the bridegroom will be possible with the cooperation of the other passengers

  • Validity: from April to October
  • Base Group: 10 people
  • Duration: 2:30 am (Departure in 18h30- Return at 9 pm)
  • Price : 350 euros for the group

Kayaks, Paddles, snorkeling at arrangement

Privatization and groups up to 28 maxi people - to consult us

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Challenge Canoe kayak et paddle

Desire to exceed you?  Loan for a new challenge in Canoe and Paddle ?

To amuse you in team. The professional surfers proposes you this challenge in a dream frame, a famous zone of 3 capes classified by the “Conservatoire du Littoral” in the peninsula of Saint-Tropez. It paddle it is the feeling of the surfing in version ultra-easy and playful, more the happiness of paddling each at its pace, with the sensation of walking on the water ! In Canoe it is the complete relaxation. Live an extreme happiness ! 

  • Validity : all year
  • Group : from 10 people
  • Duration : 2 hours
  • Price : from 35 euros per person
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Day at sea in the bay of Cavalaire

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Privatization of a catamaran with friends for a Bachelor Party

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