Between earth and sea

Ideally located between sea and land, Cogolin is a charming village with many facets; a detour into eternal Provence to meet our craftsmen, the ones behind our unusual cultural heritage, and not forgetting an open gateway to the sea.

A showcase for arts and crafts Near the boules square, peek through the windows of Manufacture de Tapis and listen carefully: you will hear the rhythmic murmur of the looms turning the ancestral expertise of the workers into unique rugs, carpets and floorcoverings. Two streets further on you have the opportunity to visit one of the most famous of Cogolin’s pipe makers. These works of art carved out of briar wood are engraved by hand with a silver cockerel, the town’s emblem. And what do we do in Cogolin with cane from Provence? We make reeds for saxophones, clarinets, oboes and other wind instruments. We could also mention glassware, antiques and local produce, and how can one resist - of all things - a tart: the famous tarte tropézienne, the one and only, a favourite with gourmets and made in Cogolin from a top secret recipe.

A rich heritage to discover The charm of this picturesque village is best discovered on foot, strolling through the streets to the top of the hill: arched passages, porches in serpentine or volcanic rock, the clock tower, Saint-Sauveur church and sundial, and all bear witness to a fascinating past. And if you push open one door? Try the Saint-Roch chapel which houses to see first class sculpture, painting and photography exhibitions. Then pull on your magical “seven league” boots and discover another side to the village, where nature is all around you. From the botanical footpath (Négresse district) to the Mole Valley, the bush in Hermitan to the vines on the Giscle, Cogolin hides her treasures well – and that’s not all…

Cogolin : gateway to the Gulf For Cogolin is a municipality which extends as far as the sea; indeed it is home to one of the biggest harbours in the Gulf. The marina embraces Port Cogolin and the Marines, totalling 2,000 moorings, its quay lined with boutiques, boats for hire and restaurants. And then there is the beach at the end of the Gulf, with Saint-Maxime and Saint-Tropez as the backdrop facing each other to guard the entrance. Those who love the open sea can be found here for a swim. Others would prefer a stroll in optimist or in catamaran from the nautical base. In between, make a date with the water sports centre for a spin on an Optimist.

Culture in action Cogolin is an active town all year round, a subtle alchemy of cultures and lifestyles, with a range of events designed for a wider public. Take for example the “Foire Provençale”, “trendy” concerts, dance shows, comedy, cafe with live theater “Le Lézard”, summer festival “Terre-Mer”, “Les Ruelles de Cogolin”, or the meeting “Les Belles Mécaniques” . To note also the numerous concerts in the center Maurin des Maures, and the very attractive animations for Christmas and New Year holidays. Without a doubt, Cogolin is well worth a detour !

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