Natural spirit

All year round, the nature of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez will give you its benefits through activities. What a pleasure to go for a group walk in the midst of the many and varied Mediterranean species. A muscular mountain bike hike, a Nordic walking tour, the expanse is vast to regroup and share.

Nature Day Garde freinet

Hiking and visit in the heart of the hive. Accompanied by a guide in the morning you will discover the beautiful landscapes of the Massif des Maures on a hike for 2 hours of active walking. In the afternoon a naturalist beekeeper invites you to the heart of a fascinating universe between flowers and bees, you will visit the studio and the processing laboratories, you will enter the heart of an apiary to perceive an extraordinary and exciting world finally you will finish with a tasting of different varieties of honey.

  • Validity: April to October
  • Group base: 10 people
  • Duration: Day
  • Price: 37 euros per person

Optional picnic – contact us

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Discovery of a natural garden in a bucolic setting.

Go on a guided tour of a rose garden with a collection of more than 300 varieties, where botanical enthusiasts will present their methods of natural agriculture, and local and responsible production.
In this setting of nature, calm where you feel good a refreshment will be served to you during a friendly exchange around the world of the rose. After taking advantage of valuable advice you will leave with "your rose" chosen from 5 varieties.

  • Validity: 15/05 to 30/09
  • Group base: 6 people minimum
  • Duration: 1 h 30
  • Price: 25 € per person
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Mountain bike ride with electric assistance

To discover new itinenaries and get away from nature.

With friends or family an easy route in electric mountain bike or climbs will be surmountable and will not represent effort to enjoy the courses from the various cities of the bay of Saint Tropez! The Maures, magnificent and still wild, the countryside, the peaks and their sublime panorama will have no secret for you! Your guide will make you love this friendly activity to discover without delay !

  • Validity : all year
  • Group base : 10 people minimum
  • Duration : 2 hours
  • Price : 45 € per person
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The "bath of forest" that I propose to you is not only a simple walk ...

The "bath of forest" that I propose to you is not only a simple walk ...

The goal of a guided sylvatic trip is to practice various exercises and workshops in the presence of trees. We will experience the forest in a playful, creative and energetic way, in order to make you benefit from all the benefits that nature provides, as long as we know how to observe it, listen to it, breathe it, touch it ... The trees of the Moors forest have so much to share. Let yourself be guided !

  •  Validity : All year.
  •  Group Base : 10 people minimum, 12 max
  •  Duration : 3h
  •  Price : 25 € per person
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Escape in trees

Envy of nature and relaxation come in the heart of a forest of pines and cork oaks of 2 hectares.

Gain height and exceed your group limits, performing 4 courses in trees of increasing difficulty from 3 m high up to 13 m. Briefing 15 minutes followed by a test run to verify the proper use of equipment.

  • Validity: All year
  • Group base: 15 people
  • Duration: 2 h 30
  • Price: 18 € per person
  • For groups up to 76 people, contact us.

Multi activities possible in addition (hiking Fat-Scoot-E - petanque - orienteering - trekking mountain bike (normal or electric), archery tag (archery fight) contact us.

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Outdoor Mountain Bike Kayak Day

With your guide you will leave the famous beach of Pampelonne by electric mountain bike for a ride accompanied by 2h30; to enjoy this hike you will take the many paths before joining the beautiful beach of Escalet with turquoise waters. In the afternoon by canoe kayak along the coves, you will enjoy sailing to Cap Taillat, natural jewel of the peninsula of Saint Tropez. Finally you will return to the beach of Pampelonne by electric mountain bike. 

  • Period: May to October
  • Number of persons : 10 pers
  • Duration : day without meals
  • Price : 90 euros per person (mountain bike, kayak equipment provided)
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Nature survival risks

Discover survival techniques and search for animal and human traces.

In a group and between friends, come to discover techniques of survival and search for the animal and human tracks, the observation of the nature. Learn in a playful way the basic principles of the survival, the shelters, the water, the fire, the food and to use tools and ancestral hunting weapons

  • Validity: all the year
  • Base Group : 10 people
  • Duration: 2 h 
  • Price : 200 euros for the group

For groups + 10 people - to consult us


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Hiking and Nordic walking

Leave on the most beautiful hiking trails on foot together with specialists.


More than 300 km of route, “ Patapans”, small hills close to saint-Tropez the “Maures”, still wild “plateau du Lambert” over Collobrières, les “Roches blanches”che overhanging the “ Garde Freinet” The Mole, the campaign cogolinoise and its prehistoric vestiges, crests over Cavalaire and their sublime panorama, without forgetting 3 courses of legend to Ramatuelle (Camarat, Taillat and Lardier) .Magnificent places to make the Scandinavian walking. This beneficial outdoor sport for the physical condition will know how to get you a real pleasure.

  • Validity: all year

  • Base group: 10 people minimum

  • Duration: 2 H

  • Price : 12 € per person

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Guided tour of the garden and the gourmet break

To discover vegetables associated to the Mediterranean climates of the world.

Visit this magnificent Mediterranean garden, all the spaces are also attractive some as the others and this guided tour will allow you to deepen your knowledge of the botany. Then a gourmet break will be deserved well in the coffee of the gardeners. Finally you will go to discover the " bookshop of the Gardeners " specialized in the various universes: gardening, botany, literature, youth, gastronomy, well-being.

  • Validity : all the year

  • Base group: 15 people

  • Duration: half-day (afternoon) 2:30 h at 3:30 h

  • Price : to consult us

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Visit of the garden and to lunch

An escapade for a world tour of the Mediterranean landscapes to have lunch.

During this guided tour of the Garden of the Domain of Rayol, you will feel as explorer’s botanists who measure the planet. Real journey around the world through the diversity of the Mediterranean landscapes: the Canary Islands, California, Australia, South Africa, Chile will be some of your stages. For the lunch it is at the heart of the garden, to the restaurant "Le Café des jardiniers " that you will surmount the time difference with a Mediterranean cooking. You can get yourselves the souvenir symbolic plants of your journey in the Tree nursery of the Domain fruit of the work of the gardeners.

  • Validity: all year
  • Base group: 30 people
  • Duration: approximately 4 hours (In the morning or afternoon)
  • Price : to consult us
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