La Garde Freinet - Les Roches Blanches

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La Garde-Freinet
Magnificent walk to the highest point of La Garde-Freinet, the Roches Blanches (White Rocks) at a height of 637 m. Hike 5

A site of geological interest, the white rocks are composed of veins of sparkling quartz emerging from the schist.

This magnificent hike to the highest point of La Garde-Freinet will take you to the site of the Roches Blanches, at 637 m, over a distance of about 5,8/ 8 km (with option).

Free parking of the Cross
Location: below the Croix des Maures, at the beginning of the Marc Robert trail.
Coming from Le Luc
cross the village on the RD 558, at the exit of the village follow the sign "la croix" going up on the right.
Coming from Grimaud
At the entrance to the village, take the Chemin du Débat on the left, following the sign "la croix".

From the parking of the Cross, go down the road until it turns into a hairpin (fire hydrant). Take the path on the right that climbs up the hairpin, continue, always staying on the rightmost path. When you reach a small clearing, take the path that climbs to the left (towards the antenna). (It takes about 30-45 minutes to get there).
You reach a flat area (antenna). Go towards the small building and follow the path for about 550 m. You reach the highest point of La Garde-Freinet: Les Roches Blanches (637 m), a quartz vein.
There are also mica-schist and garnet crystals.
Retrace your steps to the plain near the small building. (Or continue along the optional path). Take the track that descends to the left for about 650m. When you reach the crossroads of a track, turn right to reach the La Croix car park.

The Roches Blanches, a site of geological interest
Views over the Maures plain, the Escarcets lake, the Roquebrune rock, the Pre-Alps, the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and the Mediterranean

Only use the path during authorised periods.
Ask about the state of opening of the forests.
Avoid this hike on days with a strong Mistral wind.
Conseils pour le photographe

Extraordinary 360° viewpoint at the highest point of La Garde-Freinet at 637 m altitude

  • Free access.

  • Level bue - Medium
  • In the country
  • French
  • Pets welcome
  • Gradient : 395 m
  • 8 km
  • 180 min
  • Balisage : yellow
  •   Rock Stone Ground Grit Not suitable for strollers
  • TOP 25 IGN 3545
La Garde Freinet - Les Roches Blanches
Chapelle Saint Jean
RD 558
83680 La Garde-Freinet

All year round.
Subject to favorable weather.