"La Castellane" circular walk

Pedestrian sports - Hiking itinerary

Explore the plain and the charming southern part of the village. You have a stunning view of the village and hills from this trail. Start in front of the Tourist Information Office
Cross the road, then head to the right and go along the house opposite the Musée du Patrimoine (heritage museum). Be careful - the pavement is narrow! Then go left along the Chemin de l’Enclos. Continue for approximately 350m and turn right at the first junction. 30m later, go left for 100m, then left again. You are now in the Chemin de la Castellane. This village dates back to the Middle Ages. In the Provençal dialect, “castellan” means “lord of the manor”.
When you have gone through the Réparade neighbourhood (from the Latin “reparata”, then Provençal “Réparado”, a female name like the Saint Réparate Cathedral in Nice), turn right at the junction where you will find the family vaults of two Grimaudois families. This private edifice which resembles a chapel was built in the 19th century. Go straight ahead toward the Vicairie neighbourhood, and after 400m, at the junction, turn left and take the Chemin Mignonne towards the village. Walk through the large field where horses graze, and take in the superb view of the village. After climbing a slightly steeper slope, go onto the
main road. Take it to the left and go along the Beausoleil building which was the village’s first hotel in 1875. Continue along the main road before returning to your starting point in front of the Tourist Information Office.
  • Free access.

  • Level green –very easy
  • In the country
  • Village 2 km away
  • View over the vineyards
  • Pets welcome
  • Gradient : 88 m
  • 3 km
  • 45 min
  • Balisage : Yellow direction sign.
  •   Hard coating (tar, cement, flooring) Not suitable for strollers
Sentier "La Castellane"
679 route nationale
83310 Grimaud

All year round.