Les Hameaux

Historic site and monument

Le Plan de la Tour is a commune full of hamlets! It is made up of numerous discreet hamlets, scattered throughout the commune, sometimes hidden in the steep hills. A very characteristic originality, since there are no less than 25 hamlets: Préconil, Vallaury, Prat Bourdin, Les Brugassières, Le Vernet, Le Revest, Les Gastons, Les Pierrons, ...
They are the witnesses of a rural habitat and their name, for the most part eponymous, initially grouped the members of the same family.
Sometimes their name testifies to a place or an activity of the past, Le Préconil which means "the rabbit meadow" because of the rabbit farms present on the land at the time, Les Brugassières, the place where the heather grows, le Vernet, the place where the alder grows...
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Les Hameaux
Place Foch
83120 Plan-de-la-Tour