La Fontaine Vieille

Historic site and monument

La Garde-Freinet
This fountain was for many years the only one in the village, it was fully restored in 1812. The new monumental fountain has three linked basins each fed by a grotesque pagan mask. The overflow fees a small stone trough. The size of the fountain emphasizes the importance of the water supply points at a time when water didn't arrive directly in the houses. In former times the use was strictly regulated and the fines for misuse were rather heavy and discouraging. There were limits to the number of people drawing water at the same time so as not to suddenly lower the level in the basins. Vegetables had to be cleaned of soil and roots so as not to dirty the water. Meat could only be washed at lamb and roe deer season, and only in the small side trough. Large containers could only be used for fire-fighting. In Provence it is said "l'aigo es d'or" (water is gold), and access to public fountains can be restricted in times of drought.
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La Fontaine Vieille
place Fontaine Vieille
83680 La Garde-Freinet

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