L'Ancienne Mairie

Historic site and monument

La Garde-Freinet
The former town-hall was inaugurated in 1827. The ceremony was preceded by a mass and the building was blessed by the priest in the name of the Holy Ghost in the character of village communities. The ground floor accommodated a classroom as well as the town jail or lock up, the first floor housed the council chambers and records office.
The former town-hall was the scene of a popular uprising in 1851. On December 2, 1851, after news came up of the coup d'etat by the prince president, future Napolean III, the people of the Maures villages took up the arms and followed their republican duty to defend the Constitution. At La Garde-Freinet the town-hall was occupied and the councilors were taken hostage.
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L'Ancienne Mairie
place de la Vieille Mairie
83680 La Garde-Freinet

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