Celestial walk

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La Garde-Freinet
Let's observe the stars and learn to recognize the constellations.
Walk accompanied by Franck Gourdon from Astrovision-Planetarium With the help of a telescope with amplified vision, each evening will offer us different observations, because the winter sky is not the same as the summer sky or the autumn sky! For those who wish to have a picnic and chat with the guide before the sky walk, a room will be made available 1 hour before the start of the activity.
In case of bad weather, the evening will be held indoors. The walk will be done with the planetarium software and sequences previously recorded with an amplified vision telescope will be projected.
  • Âge minimum : 9 ans
  • French
  • Cheque
  • Cash
Balade céleste
Chapelle Saint-Jean
RD 558
83680 La Garde-Freinet

Wednesday 22 February 2023 between 7.15 pm and 8.45 pm.
Thursday 24 August 2023 between 9.30 pm and 11 pm.
Friday 17 November 2023 between 7 pm and 8.30 pm.