Les Hameaux du Sud - Rando 6

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La Garde-Freinet
Nice country walk crossing several ancient and very charming stone hamlets, a spellbinding and forgotten small world. You will discover splendid views over the Bay of Saint-Tropez and the Maures mountains. From the tourist information go towards the exit of the village dir. Grimaud. Opposite the petrol station take the small road going up at the right Route de la Court. Follow the road for about 3 km to a place called Val Verdun (green water tanks).
150 m further take the earth trail indicated D3 (Camp de Suyère) starting straight in the bend. At the end of the valley take the path to the left (do not go up the trail opposite!) to Camp de la Suyère, small hamlet in chestnut groves. At the bottom of the path take directly to the left, between some houses and stone walls. This road is going to Val d'Aubert (1,4 km).
Cross the hamlet and continue the road (asphalted from here) for about 5 km coming through les Vieilles Sinières, les Sinières, to the main road RD 558 (La Garde-Freinet / Grimaud). From the junction of Camp Vif, the hike no. 6 is the same as hike no. 3.
Cross the RD 558 and go down the small path to the road leading back to the village (Chemin du Refren) and ending near the Chapel of St. Eloi.
  • Free of charge.

  • French
  • Pets welcome
  • Gradient : 200 m
  • 16 km
  • 300 min
  • Balisage : yellow, for hikers
  •   Terre Revêtement dur (goudron, ciment, plancher)
Les Hameaux du Sud - Rando 6
Chapelle Saint Jean
RD 558
Point de départ Parking des Teilles
83680 La Garde-Freinet

All year round.