Church saint-Sauveur saint-Etienne

Historic site and monument

In Cogolin, there are records of an initial Parish church as early as 1079, but in the absence of any architectural remains it is unknown where this place of worship was located.
The current building, which dates from the 15th and 16th centuries, is dedicated to the Holy Saviour and to St. Etienne. Its construction required the use of basalt, a porous, dark grey lava stone, extracted from quarries located in the vicinity of Cogolin.

But its true originality lies in its atypical architecture. As a rule, churches either have one or three naves, whereas this one has two, the style of the first nave being Romanesque and the second Gothic.

It also contains some remarkable liturgical objects. Several works are listed as historic artefacts, including the triptych by Urlupin (1526) which remains one of the finest works in the Gulf of St Tropez, and its 17th-century high altar, made from polychrome marble. The Gothic nave presents contemporary works by local artists. Its exterior architecture, restrained and immense, thus comes as a contrast to the works found inside.
  • In centre of town
  • Town location
  • French
Eglise Saint-Sauveur Saint-Etienne
Place Etienne Dolet
83310 Cogolin

All year round, daily.