Nathalie Reffe, well-being massages, Bach flower consultant, gemmotherapy.

Pratique de soins

Personalized maintenance and advice on Bach Flowers, maintenance in gemmotherapy, Well-Being massages, soon Kobido facial massage and training in baby massage. Bach flowers allow us to harmonize our emotions throughout our life, the hour-long interview identifies the negative emotions of the moment and ends with the validation of a personalized bottle containing the appropriate flowers.
(Fears, letting go, exams, discouragement, lack of self-confidence, trauma etc ...)
Gemmotherapy by the use of embryonic tissues and buds and their treatment as a macerate, supports and rebalances the weaknesses of the body, circulation, inflammation, allergies, stress, skin problems, immune system, lymphatic, etc.
The ancestral Kobido massage "ancient way of Beauty" is the natural lifting of Japanese women, it allows a reconnection between body and mind, it ensures drainage and better micro circulation, a lifting and plumping effect, smoothing wrinkles. expression.
The baby massage workshops allow an emotional and physical connection with the child, this massage also promotes a better immune system, quality of sleep and relationship with his environment through the feeling of emotional security provided during the massage with the parent.
Dispositions spéciales COVID 19

Hydroalcoholic gel available, mask. The surfaces and materials used are cleaned between each customer.

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Nathalie Reffe, massages bien-être, conseillère en fleurs de Bach, gemmothérapie.
22 Bis Rue du Gacharel
83310 Grimaud
06 16 78 04 49

From 01/01 to 31/12.