Traiteur Nathan - Chef à domicile

Food shop / Caterer/delicatessan / Personal chef

La Mole
"My cooking is a journey,
My cooking is a sharing,
I invite you to discover it." “My kitchen is like a tree.
It has roots and traditions and has developed, over the years, through my travels, my exchanges, my discoveries, my encounters...

From my travels around the world, from South America to India, from Asia to the Mediterranean rim, I have learned to use spices in my cooking, as a painter would use his color palette to nuance his canvas.

In a tasty marriage of ingredients and spices, I take you on a discovery of healthy, colorful and sunny cuisine. The time of a meal, in a world tour of flavors, I awaken your senses and your taste buds in a space of conviviality. During a lesson, I pass on my secrets to you in a spirit of exchange.

Cleverly dosed, there is in my cuisine a generous scent of love, subtle scents of tradition, and the sparkle of unexpected flavors."
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Traiteur Nathan - Chef à domicile
6 impasse du Ménage
Domaine des Chênes
83310 La Mole

All year round.