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  • Land of flavours


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  • Land of flavours

    Visit and wine tasting to 2 Classified Raw domains

    A privative visit of wine storehouses and installations, presses and cuveries for 2 domains. At the heart of a “Provençal jewel” for one of the domains and discover "The prestige and the elegance of the peninsula of Saint Tropez" for the other domain. In both domains discover the wine storehouses where age wines. In the first domain your tasting of 3 wines will be made around " Mets et Rosé ", with narrow-minded salted and or sweetened (Provençal sandwiches, delicatessen, cheeses) and in the second you will taste 6 wines, white, rosé, red, accompanied with small toasts of tapenade. The wine will have no more secret for you for these domains of Classified Vineyard.

    • Period : all year
    • Duration : 2 h (1 h in every domain)
    • Group : 10 people
    • Price : 42 euros per person


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  • Land of flavours

    The Wine trail in MEIJS Motorman

    From Saint-Tropez, it is in Meijs motorman with his at the same time vintage and modern look, that you will borrow the small roads of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez to travel vineyards. One 1/2 a day come to discover 3 domains of the peninsula having a walk accompanied of and benefit every stop of a tasting of local wines.

    • Period : all year
    • Duration : 3 at 4 h
    • Group : 5 maxi people
    • Price : 90€ / pers / motorcycle

    Possibility of departure of the place of accommodation(hosting) (contact us)

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  • Land of flavours

    A stroll at sea to savour the flavors of the South

    Discovery of wines of vineyards from Saint-Tropez of the peninsula of Saint-Tropez, with tasting of the local products of the Delicatessen from the Var (anchovy paste, tapenade, terrines) For 1:15 h, live the emotion by discovering Saint-Tropez by the sea and develop your senses : with the pleasure to look at the horizon, to listen to the lapping of waves, to taste the Mediterranean flavors.

    •  Validity : from March till November
    •  Group: 15 people minimum
    •  Duration : 1:15 h
    •  Price : 21 euros per person

    For a privatization of the boat: birthdays, opportunity in family, associative exits, begun, seminaries, bachelorette parties, marriage … to consult us.

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  • Land of flavours

    Wine tasting and local products to Cogolin

    Leave for a rural stroll with our guide on the lookout for a flora and on the lookout for a fauna still protected on the domain of the “Val d’ Astier”, to finish on a gustative note: red, rosé, white or grape juice. Continue the visit to the Canning factory to the Fine beak and discover the Provençal traditional recipes renamed by a small tasting. Have lunch to the restaurant. In the Afternoon you will pursue your discovery by the factory of Pipes Courrieu this company make a craft know-how. Finally you will treat you with the tasting at Master craftsman chocolate maker Donetti: Claude Donetti, master craftsman chocolate maker who puts his know-how in the service of delicious and original quality products.

    • Validity : all year  
    • Group : 5 people minimum - 20 people maximum 
    • Duration : day 
    • Price : 41,50 euros per person

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  • Land of flavours

    Authentic picnic with bio products

    A lunch with varied flavours with tasting local products and organic products in essentially Mediterranean accents. The Provençal gastronomy which treats the gourmets with its sunny, spreadable and greedy specialities( Tapenades, Anchovy paste, all the specialities revealed in this picnic...)
    Local rosé, red and white wines will be the ideal accompaniment of this meal. Enjoy this relaxing moment with this perfect lunch which goes out of the traditional meal and wich will be taste in unusual places such as the beach l'Escalet in Ramatuelle.
    The Menu: tapenade, anchovy paste, local and organic fresh products of the market: goat cheese, fruits and seasonal vegetables, eggs of farm, delicatessen of the Alps.

    •  Validity: all years long
    •  Group16 people minimum 
    •  Price : 30 € each with drinks included ( wine and apple juice)

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  • Land of flavours

    Gassin, a guided tour

    A guided tour will make you discover the village, the stone alleys, the vaults, the church “Notre-Dame-de-l ' Assomption”, the Romanic chapel "Notre-Dame of Consolation". Have lunch to the restaurant. In the afternoon you will go Home of Jams, in the shop adjacent to the laboratory more than 450 varieties proposed with specialities in fruits, frozen by flowers and by vegetables. Then you will leave for a wine tasting in a cellar considered in the Bay of Saint-Tropez.

    •  Validity: all year 
    •  Group: 25 people ·
    •  Duration : day 
    •  Price : 40 euros per person 

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  • Land of flavours

    Visit of a Canning factory

    Since 1991, the Au canning factory the “Bec Fin”, makes by craftsmen recipes of Provence and the Mediterranean Sea. Real ambassador of the Provençal gastronomy, it treats the gourmets with its sunny, spreadable and greedy specialities (Fish soup of rock, Soup of the Pesto, Tapenades, Eggplant dip) to Find in "The Shop" all these flavors but also a wide choice of grocery products liqueur brandy.

    •  Validity : all year except the weekend
    •  Group : 10 people
    •  Duration :  1 h
    •  Price : to consult us

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  • Land of flavours

    Discovery of the olive grove

    Guided tour of the olive grove from April till September Tuesdays and Fridays at 10 am and by appointment. At the end of your visit discover the shop situated on the domain, the extra virgin olive oil extracted under cold conditions, the black and\or green olives, the green and black tapenades, the creams of olives, aubergine dip, anchovy pastes, Provençal apéritifs and liqueurs of Liquoristeries of Provence.


    •  Validity : from April till September Tuesdays and Fridays at 10 am
    •  Group : 10 people
    •  Duration : 1 h
    •  Price : free (except tasting)


    For the visits with tasting of tapenades and Provençal specialities (with financial participation). Contact us.

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  • Land of flavours

    Land of flavours…

    A sun-kissed land, Provence produces juicy fruit and vegetables bursting with flavour and aromas you will only find in this region. Herbs from the maquis (wild thyme, rosemary, bay leaves, sage…) come together with fish from the Mediterranean Sea (bouillabaisse) and meat from the hills (lamb, casseroles). The region is famous for its produce: an invitation for a gourmet tour !

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  • Land of flavours

    Morning happiness

    Markets of Provence

    Markets in Provence tend to follow the seasons, so you will find tomatoes straight off the vine in summer and mushrooms galore in autumn. All the municipalities have their own weekly markets. They are picturesque and inviting, regular in some villages, occasional in others but always an opportunity to meet local producers whose products will delight your taste buds.

    Every market is a bracing promenade among colourful stalls of particular fragrances; plump, multi-coloured vegetables, sun-soaked fruit, aromatic herbs and fish from the morning’s catch. There are daily fish markets, including the fish auction down in Cavalaire harbour, every morning near Place aux Herbes in Saint-Tropez, and the fish stalls at the harbour in Sainte-Maxime - it’s a veritable feast for the eyes before the palette.

    Local produce and crafts

    Not a day goes by when there is not a market somewhere in the region. The table below lists all those in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. Smaller in the winter months, they blossom and grow as the days lengthen. Some only offer local produce (fruit, vegetables, goat or sheep cheese, cold meats and salamis, soups, olives, jams, chestnut cream (crème de châtaignes), spices and flowers). Others also have stalls selling clothes, jewellery and crafts (lavender sachets, olive oil or honey soap, pottery, fabrics, etc.).

    Your rendezvous with the markets

    • Sainte-Maxime : Capet maket and Covered Market (not in winter)
    • Port-Grimaud 2 (July and august)
    • Sainte-Maxime : Covered market
    • Saint-Tropez : Provençal Market
    • Cavalaire : Provençal Marketl
    • Sainte-Maxime : Covered Market
    • Cogolin : Provençal Market, place Victor-Hugo
    • La Garde-Freinet : Provençal Market
    • Le Plan-de-la-Tour : Provençal Market
    • Sainte-Maxime : Regional produce market
    • Sainte-Maxime : Covered market
    • Grimaud : place Neuve
    • Port-Grimaud 1 : Provençal Market
    • Ramatuelle : Provençal Market
    • Marines de Cogolin : (July and August only).
    • Sainte-Maxime : Forain Market
    • Sainte-Maxime : Covered Market
    • Port-Grimaud 2 : july to August
    • Le Rayol : from 6th may to 28th october
    • Cogolin : Provençal Market, place de la République
    • Sainte-Maxime : Covered Market
    • Saint-Tropez : Provençal Market
    • Port Grimaud 1 : Provençal Market
    • La Croix Valmer : Provençal Market
    • La Garde-Freinet : Provençal Market
    • Ramatuelle : Provençal market
    • Sainte-Maxime : Covered Market

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  • Land of flavours

    Sunshine colour

    Regional specialities

    The specialities you find in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and Massif des Maures also contribute to its reputation. Sweet or savoury, hot or cold, there is something for everyone whether you are a gourmet or gourmand - it may be a sin but you’re on holiday !

    So proceed if you wish with a meal in the natural order under an arbour. All is well with the world, the cicadas are in full voice, the heat is making your eyelids droop and to accompany your glass of pale anisette you reach out for the glistening green or black tapenade, spread on a crusty crouton - unless of course you prefer some equally delicious anchoïade on bread with a touch of olive oil. Welcome to Provence - you are forgiven !

    Melt in the mouth

    Nearly everywhere in the Maures country you will be tempted by the many long-established little restaurants and stores. Caviar of vegetables, aïoli and other delicacies abound, although you may want to keep the fish soup or bouillabaisse for the evening (with the obligatory rouille, grated cheese and crusty croutons). Specialty breads are legion, to accompany a vegetable or herb tart, a tian or ratatouille. And to follow, cheeses from the hills, wrapped in three mesclun leaves with four or five pine nuts and walnut bread that simply melts in the mouth.

    Succumb to sweet temptations

    No need to wait for Christmas and the traditional 13 desserts, in our corner of Provence we offer an improvised à la carte menu all year: câlins, patiences fraxinoises, black nougat, chocolates, macaroons, canistrelli, crock, palets, Sainte-Maxime specialities or the inimitable tarte tropézienne, all very local, often imitated but never equalled. Have you room for more or will you wait till tomorrow to prolong this feast? If you do, we can offer you a slice of lemon tart. Tomorrow morning, a spoonful of honey or jam (400 home-made varieties at the last count!) for breakfast will do it.

    You want chestnuts !

    Why did we not think about this earlier, this being chestnut country. They come in every shape or form under the Provencal sun: cream, puree, ice cream, glazed (marron glacé), hot chestnuts, in a liqueur – but it’s all very light so don’t worry. Salted, sugared, hot or cold, just enjoy them! And because chestnuts merit a festival, La Garde-Freinet is the place to be in October. On your return, try a restorative siesta under the arbour. In Provence the siesta is all part of the job.

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  • Land of flavours

    Flavours by the sea

    Lunch on the warm sand or dinner by the sea - your stay will not be long enough to enjoy all the beach outlets that pay homage to Mediterranean cuisine.

    This comprises mainly seafood enhanced with local produce, such as herbs, olive oil and lovingly prepared vegetables from the south, creating fragrant colourful dishes that you will not be able to resist.

    The history of this tasty cuisine is linked to maritime activities (fishing and bouillabaisse) or hunting (game). It is widely promoted by chefs of both genders most of whom are committed to the origin and freshness of produce that favours local products.

    And even in the middle of February, sheltered from the breeze, it is not uncommon to see people lunching on the beach in temperatures nudging 20°C !

    Tahiti, Club 55 : the pioneers !

    Among the 26 establishments on Europe’s most famous beach, Pampelonne, the pioneers were the Tahiti Plage and Club 55 thanks to the cinema.

    The former, opened in 1946, kept the abandoned bamboo set left behind by La Victorine studios after the film shoot for Georges Manae’s Chant des îles. The latter opened in 1955 as the canteen for the crew filming the legendary Et Dieu créa la femme with Brigitte Bardot, and is now the famous restaurant run by Patrice de Colmont, serving up to 900 covers.

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  • Land of flavours

    Fish and shellfish

    Chef’s secret: bouillabaisse

    By André Del Monte, Chef at the Maurin des Maures

    The secret to success with bouillabaisse lies with three principles that must be respected: they are called quality, simplicity and cooking. The quality comes from the freshness of the fish and the spices that will be added, especially the saffron which will be sprinkled on, not just as a colouring. Simplicity: bouillabaisse is a rustic dish. Our elders will tell you that fishermen made it from unsold fish: capon, scorpion fish, John Dory, weever fish, gurnard, cuttlefish, moray or conger eel - They would say: we’re going to “boil” it up. As it starts to boil, lower the heat and when the potatoes are ready (around 15’), the bouille (boiled) baissée (reduced) mixture is ready to taste – hence the name. It’s a real fetish this dish !

    Ingredients for the real bouillabaisse

    2 capons gutted and descaled (800g)

    2 John Dory gutted and descaled (800g)

    4 gurnards gutted and descaled (300g)

    6 scorpion fish gutted and descaled (150g)

    4 weever fish gutted and descaled (300g)

    2 wrasse gutted and descaled (600g)

    8 chunks of conger or moray eel

    1 kg of cuttlefish


    “I prepare the stock (bouillon) separately so as not to drown out the different flavours.

    I add small rock lobsters or little crabs, and on special occasions - a big lobster.

    I peel and cut the potatoes into quarters; peel and slice the onions thinly; and peel the garlic having taken off the shoots, and crush them with a fork.

    I scald the onions to make them easier to peel and cut them into quarters.

    Then I clean, dry and cut the cuttlefish into slices.

    I take a large stockpot, like you would use for couscous, put in the potatoes, onions, garlic, tomatoes, cuttlefish slices, conger or moral eel chunks, 25g of salt, 25g of pepper and 15g of saffron.

    I add 10cl of olive and mix it in vigorously. On top of that I place the fish in the following order: capons, John Dory, scorpion fish, weevers, gurnards then the wrasse.

    I finish with crabs and mussels, then add the rest of the olive oil and the saffron

    I leave it for two hours, enough time for the ingredients to soak up the saffron and oil.

    We serve it in a long piece of cork oak bark called a faouque or couasse and it is always causes a stir when we serve it up.“

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  • Land of flavours

    At the heart of the vine...

    This is an invitation to discover original vineyards and the independent wine producers or cooperatives in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. Planted to produce the Vins de Pays de Var or the famous Côtes de Provence appellation, world leader for rosés, these wine cellars and estates are always more than happy to welcome you.


    1 Château des Garcinières

    The Valentin family have been cultivating this magnificent 63-hectare estate, only 20 of which are under vines, for over 100 years. An avenue of majestic 400-year-old plane trees leads to the cellar and mansion built by the Cistercian monks in the 12th century on the ruins of a Roman villa. Two ranges of subtle wines with a variety of aromas and elegant colours.

    Access: from Cogolin to the Gassin/La Foux roundabout, 1.5km on your right

    2 Château Saint-Maur

    The bells ring out above an oak tree planted in 1612 at this chateau with 42 hectares, which benefit from a favourable micro-climate and age-old experience. Every year its Cru Classé de Provence is produced with care, from the well thought out cultivation through to mechanical harvesting at night and controlled temperatures during the vinification process.

    Access: between Cogolin and Grimaud on the Collobrières road

    3 Château Saint-Marc

    A winding road (sign-posted with arrows) into the heart of the Massif des Maures hills and heady scented forest of oaks and chestnut trees, takes you to this magnificent property off the beaten track. Trained horizontally and trellised, the vines form a majestic avenue between the entrance to the property and the wine tasting cellar and shop.

    Access: from Cogolin or Grimaud, direction Collobrières, then 3km

    4 Domaine de la Giscle

    What elegance and expression is to be found in this Moulin de l'Isle rosé, not to mention the complexity of the red to go with game or the atypical white (Rolle aged in large wooden casks) to accompany cheese (yes, white with cheese!) or a Mediterranean fish dish. The wine cellar is very modern, but the dimly lit vault exudes aromas of old wooden barrels. This is the countryside with donkeys, chickens and peacocks running about.

    Access: from Cogolin or Grimaud, direction Collobrières, then 5km after the Giscle bridge

    La Croix-Valmer

    5 Domaine de Chausse

    Planted to create a fire-break on this 50-hectare property in hills susceptible to drought, the vines came into their own when owners Yves and Roseline Schelcher decided to exploit their passion for wine. An ambitious bet with high stakes (and successful): the various AOC wines have earned their stripes with awards and medals. A rarity, created by the lady of the house is a 100% Rolle – say no more !

    Access: from the town centre in the direction of the school complex, 3.5km on your left

    6 Domaine de la Madrague

    Resurrected in 2007 by Jean-Marie Zodo, the estate and its 17 hectares of vines extends across La Croix-Valmer and Gassin. The modern winery looks out over a vineyard steeped in history and rare authenticity. Its famous avenue of palm trees cuts through the vines down to the beautiful Gigaro beach. Its Premium Rosé is a rare find, vinified with some ageing in oak barrels.

    Access: from La Croix-Valmer, direction Gigaro, 5km on your left

    7 Domaine de La Sultanine

    This is the smallest estate on the Saint-Tropez peninsular (1.5 hectares), where the vines at 147m above sea level are cultivated using traditional methods to protect the environment. A restricted production of excellent quality for a discerning clientele: Rosé Bernardine (pale colour, elegant), Bernardine red (intense colour, full bodied and powerful).

    Access: on entering La Croix-Valmer, take the Route du Brost - after the stadium, first right and follow the signs to La Sultanine, Route de la Galiasse

    8 Domaine de La Croix

    After extensive renovation work over a period of five years, this vast property (started in 1882) of 180 hectares has 90 hectares of Cru Classé vines grown under an environmental quality label. Renewing 80% of this maritime-influenced vineyard, preparation, restoration and replanting has paid off and the domain regularly wins top awards.

    Access: in La Croix-Valmer, take Boulevard de Tabarin, direction Gigaro beaches, 1.5km on your right


    9 Château Barbeyrolles

    Régine Sumeire became famous for her Pétale de Rose, a blend of eight grape varieties to produce a delicate salmon pink colour and a subtle floral fruity bouquet. Handpicked grapes and all in harmony with nature, the rosés are elegant and the full-bodied reds intense (ideal with chicken liver pate and farcis).

    Access: 1.7km after La Foux roundabout, direction Ramatuelle, on your right on the RD61

    10 Château Minuty

    Ideally located at the foot of the village, this vineyard (all trellised) boasts 90 hectares of vines. Provencal grape varieties, limited yields and respect for traditional agriculture (careful cultivation, handpicked grapes) have all played a part in the reputation of their Cru Classé they export which is found in the Gulf’s best restaurants.

    Access: La Foux roundabout, direction Ramatuelle

    11 Domaine de Bertaud-Belieu

    Easily recognisable with its Gallo-Roman columns reminiscent of a small temple, this estate they say supplies the sacramental wine for mass to many churches in France. The 60 hectares of vines mainly produce rosé (75%) and some red (20%). Two outstanding wines from 13 grape varieties with ultra-modern techniques are regularly rewarded.

    Access: 1km after La Foux roundabout, direction Ramatuelle, on your left

    12 Domaine du Bourrian and Domaine du Pin Pinon

    The double row of huge wooden casks that came from the Black Sea in Russia via Marseille is like a “cathedral of oak” as rare as it is impressive in this cellar built in 1887, a special feature being all the natural light it receives despite being half underground. Traditional methods using modern equipment have produced some real gems.

    Access: 1.5km after La Foux roundabout, direction Gassin/Ramatuelle, then at the crossroads Gassin golf club on the right

    13 Domaine de La Rouillère

    On 120 hectares of this property in the hills, 40 hectares of vines (85 plots) thrive in the Ramatuelle sunshine. In the fifties, Gérard Philipe used to help with the grape picking. The domain produces several rosés, whites and reds in an ultra-modern cellar ensuring top quality wines. Impossible to miss as there is a “wine drive” outlet, a small hut by the side of the road.

    Access: 2 km after La Foux roundabout, direction Ramatuelle on the RD 61

    14 Domaine Tropez

    In the heart of green tree-covered hills inherited from his grandfather, Grégoire Chaix has installed massive steel vats that stand behind a bay window highlighting a concrete monolith by architect Rudy Ricciotti. Grapes are handpicked and sorted before maceration. Some of the more powerful varieties are aged in oak. Wines of every colour and very successful: here in Saint-Tropez.

    Access: between Gassin/La Foux roundabout and La Croix-Valmer, 3km on the right

    15 Les Maîtres Vignerons de la presqu'île de Saint-Tropez

    Set up in 1964, Les Maîtres Vignerons unites seven domains on the peninsula. Thanks to an efficient bottling process and excellent marketing, Maîtres Vignerons ensure their wines are regularly rewarded (Château de Pampelonne and Carte Noire). The members of staff in ‘The Little Village’ are very knowledgeable and helpful, warmly welcoming visitors for tastings and products from Provence.

    Access: Gassin La Foux crossroads, direction Grimaud / Cogolin, 500m on your left


    16 Les Vignerons de Grimaud

    Its recent merger with the winemakers of Cogolin’s cellar makes this the biggest cooperative on the peninsula. Employing the most modern means of production (including two fully automated bottling lines), Les Vignerons de Grimaud offer a fine selection of wines from blends made with attention paid to the amount of sun each plot receives.

    Access: on the road linking Grimaud to Port Grimaud, just before the gendarmerie

    17 Domaine du Val de Gilly

    Far from the hustle and bustle of the coast, where the Giscle carved out a vale on the south-facing slopes of Grimaud’s hills, this 60-hectare estate of which 27 are under vines is a fifth generation managed domain. The Castellan family are regulars on the medals podium and have built up a loyal clientele who appreciate the expertise of these fine winemakers.

    Access: from Grimaud, direction Collobrières: don’t cross the bridge above Giscle but continue straight on

    18 Les Clos Servien

    Here we have 11 hectares of terraced vines on the Grimaud hills, below the road leading to La Garde-Freinet. At its head is Charles-Henri Servien who with training behind him runs this operation with passion. A silver medal in a Saint-Tropez rosés’ competition for what was only his second vintage was just reward for his efforts. Rosés with a hint of peach and exotic fruit, spicy reds…

    Access: between Grimaud and La Garde-Freinet, near Tourre hamlet

    La Garde-Freinet

    19 Château des Launes

    At the foot of the Massif des Maures (on the plain side) lies Château des Launes. The slate marked sandstone soil produces poor harvests, an essential element to obtaining wines of character. Tended with loving care with maximum levels of sun, the vines have no trouble expressing their character. Every year the ideal wine to share with friends comes to fruition, born out of the love of a family for their terroir.

    Access: from La Garde-Freinet, direction Cannet des Maures

    La Mole

    20 Domaine de Siouvette

    On this old farm that belonged to the monks of Chartreuse de la Verne, they have been cultivating vines since before the French Revolution. Surrounded by cork oaks and heather, the domain extends across 20 hectares on south-facing slopes. Full sun coupled with a particular wind that blows through the valley produces delicate wines in all three colours: Domaine de Siouvette, Cuvée Marcel Galfard and Siouvette Le Clos.

    Access: from La Mole, in the direction of Toulon

    21 Domaine Murennes

    Perched on a plateau at an altitude of 300m in the heart of the Massif des Maures, this secretive little domain (6 hectares) is isolated from everything “by its vocation”! A 5km long track takes you to the top of the hill where Rachel and Ivan Gresle chose to settle away from it all to preserve their organic approach on an exceptional terroir. Award-winning wines, fixed price menus, welcomes groups (reservation required) – purists !

    Access: from La Mole, direction Rayol-Canadel, at the orientation tableau take the Route des Crêtes on the right and follow the signs

    Plan de la Tour

    22 Les Vignerons du Plan de la Tour

    Members of this cooperative cultivate 200 hectares of vines in an exceptional environment far from the maritime influences of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. A combination of talents between the expertise of the wine growers and the house oenologist has given rise to some remarkable wines: the Marquets, Marjolis or Terrasses du Golfe. La Norade comes from a single plot in Carignan, a wonderful experience.

    Access: from the village, direction Grimaud


    23 Les Celliers de Ramatuelle

    Set up in 1954 by a group of owners, Les Celliers de Ramatuelle has 150 members since it merged with the Fréjus cellar, which adds up to 560 hectares in total. The medals won in prestigious competitions and regular selections in the main wine guides have given the 15 ranges of wine in three colours a reputation that goes way beyond these shores.

    Access: from the village, direction La Croix-Valmer via Escalet

    24 Château des Marres

    The 27 hectares of vines of this Château produce a pale rosé with a fruity bouquet, two reds, Classique and Prestige, with firm tannins and hints of black fruit, and the latest addition to the range, a white to enjoy with all that is produced in Provence: anchoïade, tapenade, grilled fish or bouillabaisse. Regular award-winning vintages – sheer happiness !

    Access: from Saint-Tropez, take Route des Plages to Ramatuelle, 5km on your right

    25 Domaine de la Tourraque

    If heaven was on earth, it might resemble the point at the end of the peninsula between Cap Lardier and Cap Taillat, where this vineyard extends to the sunny bay of Briand. Eighty rolling hectares include 40 under vines and two olive groves, on a site where you will find nature intact, breathtaking scenery, award-winning wines and several wine-tourism formulas.

    Access: from Ramatuelle, direction Escalet, then follow the marked out itinerary


    26 Domaine des Beaucas

    In an idyllic setting facing the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, this domain enjoys exceptional climatic conditions at an altitude of 250m. The sun reigns supreme here while the sea breeze protects it from excessive heat in summer and too cold winters. Cultivation is traditional, well thought out and respectful of the environment. The wines are of excellent quality.

    Access: from Sainte-Maxime, direction Le Muy, then CD44 to Plan de la Tour, tourist route


    27 La Ferme des Lices

    The only private vineyard in the Saint-Tropez district! Just a few hundred metres from the village centre, this outstanding vineyard has not succumbed to the pressure on land for development thanks to several individuals’ love of the terroir: an agricultural engineer and expert in tasting who, with his partner, managed to convince neighbouring land owners: award-winning wines and an olive grove followed !

    Access: Clos des Vignes, Chemin de la Treille

    28 Cave coopérative de Saint-Tropez

    Some 200 members are involved in producing and bottling wine from 200 hectares of vines that flourish under sunny skies in Saint-Tropez, Gassin and Ramatuelle. One of the oldest cooperatives in the Var producing mainly Provence rosé (80%), some powerful reds (15%) and generous whites. Plots are ideally scattered to produce a selection of choice wines.

    Access: centre of Saint-Tropez, avenue Paul Roussel

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  • Land of flavours

    Culinary events


    Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer: olive festival

    Plan de la Tour: plant and olive oil fair


    Grimaud: heritage festival – mill festival – white truffle day

    Saint-Tropez: festival of St Peter, patron saint of fishermen


    Cavalaire, Plan de la Tour, Sainte-Maxime: festival of St Peter

    Ramatuelle: festival of arts and crafts, local produce and flavours

    La Mole: harvest festival and for Saint Magdeleine

    Plan de la Tour: Provence rosé day


    Gassin: Saint-Laurent garlic event


    Sainte-Maxime: grape picking festival

    Plan de la Tour: festival of the vine and wine from the Roman era

    Grimaud: festival of Saint Michel and the grape harvest


    Sainte-Maxime: fair celebrating flavours

    La Garde-Freinet: chestnut festival and week celebrating flavours


    Sainte-Maxime: chocolate fair – olive oil festival


    Saint-Tropez: chocolate fair

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