• Destination prestige…

    Mere mention of the name Saint-Tropez evokes a thousand and one images of this idyllic peninsula. Undoubtedly many prestigious establishments contribute to its image of luxurious elegance, well-being and relaxation. Shops, golf courses, spas, polo, luxury yachts, premium events, even fashion shows, have earned the Gulf of Saint-Tropez the title Capital of Luxury.

  • Luxury peace & pleasure

    Luxury hotels and spas

    In French palace is a label for the most luxurious hotels, but did you know that of the 12 listed in France, three are in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez? Also on this peninsula-island are no less than 11 five-star hotels and 13 with four stars. All would agree that the Gulf of Saint-Tropez offers a high level of accommodation and facilities for a sophisticated, demanding and international clientele.

    Primarily it is the quality of services in hotels on the peninsula which attract such a loyal and discerning clientele. There are very few chains here, each stands out in its own right and offers a personalised service. All enjoy an exceptional location, often in a shady park or on the slopes, with views of Saint-Tropez’ bay or a beach or rocky stretch of coast, unless they are in the centre of famous villages where you don’t need to use the car very often.

    Close your eyes and forget everything

    Personnel are trained to respond to the needs of their guests, to anticipate their desires and provide the best possible services to transform their momentary stay into a timeless memory. Rooms and suites, including presidential suites, have the latest mod cons in terms of digital connections and audio-visual equipment. Some feature the colours of Provence in their décor; others have gone for a more modern style, often designed by well-known interior designers and featuring quality materials and objets d’art, with spacious well-appointed bathrooms. Just close your eyes and relax…

    The sea as your backdrop, the sky your canopy

    In the Gulf of Saint-Tropez / Massif des Maures country the sensual pleasures are there every moment of your stay. Romantic bedrooms, junior suites or apartments extended by wrought-iron balconies, with terrace, garden or patio. Bougainvillea, pencil pines, neat rows of vines and olive trees add their touch of colour to the tableau. Everything is beautiful; it was designed that way! The sea is your backdrop, the sky your canopy; the blue sea reflected in your swimming pool and a spring fountain echoing the sound of the waves.

    Multiple flavours

    All the pleasures of body and spirit would not be complete without good food. Many of these establishments employ the services of experienced, sometimes Michelin-star chefs who are amazingly imaginative when it comes to celebrating Mediterranean ingredients. They rival each other for originality to produce outstanding seasonal menus, with dishes that juggle herbs and spices in recipes of multiple flavours to delight even the most discerning palate.

  • Spa

    Relaxation, wellness and beauty

    Comfort and well-being would not be complete without the addition of relaxation and beauty areas, gyms, access to a solarium or private beach and a range of tailor-made services (yoga, massage, treatment cabins, boat trips…). Here again, competent and dedicated personnel use their talents to give you unforgettable moments of relaxation. You will also find top quality facilities in several of the four-star hotels who, as well as providing huts on beautiful beaches, also have beauty and balneotherapy centres worthy of those in the world’s greatest cities: only the outdoor decor changes to one of blues, greens and gold.

    Spas are in our nature

    As well as renowned spa brand facilities offered by hotels, there are specialised independent spas in nearly all the municipalities in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. Private salons and spas offer a range of beauty and relaxation treatments (face, hands, feet, body), fitness regimes and manicures, water treatments, massages and modelling techniques to rediscover that sense of harmony. It is you who chooses between a Californian massage or energising therapy, a jacuzzi, hammam or sauna; unless of course you wish to try them all…

  • Master Class

    Golf Swing and polo master

    Sainte-Maxime, Gassin and Grimaud: three 18-hole golf courses, three courses combining technical skills with an enjoyable sport, three truly original greens as each is very different from the others. What they have in common is their proximity: two overlook the Gulf of Saint-Tropez with incredible views of the sea, while the other turns its back on the bay to offer you the rolling hills of the Massif des Maures.

    Grimaud: Golf Club de Beauvallon

    This 40-hectare course facing south and the sea is quite technical but not very long, alternating original fairways (85 years old, a pioneer in the Var!) and new well thought out fairways. It is easy to cover this course on foot which will delight those who find that too many courses require golf carts. Pro-shop, clubhouse, international clientele, competitions and experienced instructors.

    Sainte-Maxime: Golf Blue Green

    This hilly, fairly technical 72-par course is spread across 65 hectares of bush and cork oaks. It enjoys superb views of both the Mediterranean and Maures and Estérel hills and is in the heart of a prestigious residential estate. Aerial tee shots, banks and water features unfold over nine holes down towards Sainte-Maxime and back up to the clubhouse. Practice area, Pro-shop, putting green, courses and individual lessons.

    Gassin: Académie Golf Country Club

    Mainly reserved for members and locals living in Gassin, it does however open its doors to guests from some of the luxury hotels on the peninsula. The layout reflects the combined skills of Gary Player, Gery Watine and Thierry Sprecher to offer a 6,045m course as varied as it is technical in a fabulous setting. Pro-shop, clubhouse with restaurant and reception facilities for hosting prestigious events are on offer.

    Gassin: the Polo Capital

    Created in 1998 on the initiative of Corinne Schuler, a passionate polo player herself, the Polo Club of Saint-Tropez in Gassin is unique in France. Covering 30 hectares in a lovely green setting, the Club organises international tournaments from April to September which attract the world’s best players and their extraordinary horses. It has a school, arena, stables, schooling yards, three polo pitches, an acclaimed restaurant, boutique, facilities for private parties and a 600m2 area for prestigious events. We should emphasise here that entrance is free during competitions – but don’t forget your white tie and tails…

  • The spirit of fashion

    Fashion, glamour and shopping for luxury brands

    Saint-Tropez is fashion! The Gulf’s most famous village has long been seen as a destination at the forefront of fashion and beauty. However the shop windows and boutiques have evolved over the decades, a trend that is accelerating. Like the legendary designers of the fifties who were behind Vachon and Choses on the harbour, Saint-Tropez today attracts the biggest international brands, some of which are also in Sainte-Maxime, Grimaud and Cavalaire. And it is fair to say that the fabulous outfits and accessories on display are given a further boost by the presence here of the world’s most beautiful women who wear them.

    Premium brands

    Vuitton, Dior, Hermès, Rolex, Cartier, Dolce & Gabbana, Chopard, Breitling, Longchamp, Gucci and Lancel, the list goes on. The most prestigious names which grace the boulevards of the world’s big cities are now part of the Saint-Tropez scenery. All these brands are keen to be associated with a glamour destination par excellence to ensure unrivalled visibility in summer when famous personalities and celebrities flock to our corner of the world. The resounding success of the Chanel show on the harbour in May 2011 is a perfect illustration.

    Fashionable boutiques

    The peninsula’s reputation, its luxury hotels and their upmarket facilities, a largely protected environment, idyllic beaches and billionaire villas have attracted the world’s biggest names in fashion to set up shop in Saint-Tropez. Once a symbol of parties and a carefree attitude, today it symbolises luxury and brilliance. Place de la Garonne, Rue Gambetta, the quays by the harbour, Rue Allard and La Ponche are lined with trendy boutiques. Yes, Saint-Tropez is also all about fashion.

    Saint-Tropez for ever !

    And it is not just about clothes, whether you are looking for jewellery, leather goods, shoes, accessories (watches, belts, hats), pens, cigars or beauty products Saint-Tropez’ shops draw men, women and children like moths to a flame. They come in search of sports or trendy clothes, street-wear or beach-wear, glamour or collector’s items, vintage or new; lines and products that are always elegant and sensual in eternal Saint-Tropez, Saint-Tropez for ever !

  • Engines passion

    Prestige car parades

    Apart perhaps from Monaco or Cannes, where else in Europe would you find a seaside resort with such a concentration of exceptional cars in such a confined space? And while our favourite gendarme in front of the Sénéquier ensures they do not exceed the speed limit, the sight of the latest Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley, McLaren, Aston Martin or Lamborghini parading slowly round the harbour, their gleaming exhausts roaring is a spectacle in itself. Unless of course you prefer their vintage models which also join in the parade…

    Artists and renowned galleries

    It all began in 1892 when Paul Signac discovered the Saint-Tropez peninsula. Bathed as it is in this exceptional light every day, it soon became a “branch of Montparnasse”. As president of the Society of Independent Artists, Signac brought in his wake many of the era’s most important artists, all of whom would make a pilgrimage to his villa “La Hune” in Saint-Tropez. Pointillism in particular followed. Neither light nor the attraction it has for artists has waned, and Saint-Tropez, the land that has made reputations, continues to inspire them.

  • Focus on Luxury Yachting

    The image of luxury is reinforced by all the beautiful big yachts in the harbour, at least those that are able to enter! Others have to be content to anchor in the bay. These lavish vessels, some with a helicopter on the roof much to everyone’s admiration are an integral part of the Saint-Tropez landscape in summer. They have a well-established routine: departing for Ramatuelle’s Pampelonne beach around 11am, returning to harbour late afternoon, reversing gently into their berth, hull brushing hull, watched by wide-eyed children and their parents amazed at having this level of luxury so close. As night falls, captains give way to the orchestras and sequins of private parties on deck, watched over by the Bailli de Suffren’s statue.

    Yet the mere presence of all this luxury should not mask the parallel economy it generates for the local community. From the boat building and maintenance yards of Saint-Tropez or Marines de Cogolin, to the year-round berths at Port Grimaud or Sainte-Maxime, the crews, private events presenting the latest models and the leisure exhibitions in the Gulf, not to mention the significant impact it has on nightlife, restaurants, shops and the destination’s image.

    We cannot finish without a mention for the always impressive offshore events that stop here, remembering the world championships of a few years ago. And finally we pay tribute to those legendary boats, smaller and all wood, the image of which will forever be associated with our destination. Yes, we are talking about Riva. Every year owners passionate about these little gems still gather in Saint-Tropez.

  • Artists and renowned galleries

    It all began in 1892 when Paul Signac discovered the Saint-Tropez peninsula. Bathed as it is in this exceptional light every day, it soon became a “branch of Montparnasse”. As president of the Society of Independent Artists, Signac brought in his wake many of the era’s most important artists, all of whom would make a pilgrimage to his villa “La Hune” in Saint-Tropez. Pointillism in particular followed. Neither light nor the attraction it has for artists has waned, and Saint-Tropez, the land that has made reputations, continues to inspire them.

    100 venues no less !

    In all forms: studios, galleries, exhibition halls, workshops… Nearly 100 places where art is present are listed in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. Modern art, pictorial art, contemporary art, objects, photos, paintings and sculptures are on show in often remarkable spaces. Just stroll round the streets and alleys of our villages; there is not one without an art gallery for the enlightened amateur through to the most seasoned collector.

    Land of culture

    Painters, writers, filmmakers, sculptors, stonemasons, potters, poets, photographers, painters of porcelain, silk or glass, and visual artists – they live on or regularly visit the peninsula while others come in search of inspiration. Some choose the sea and spray; others prefer the more destructively rugged elements of telluric forces in the hills. What is certain is that art is synonymous with the Var and an arts culture is anchored in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez: an ideal home for any discerning patron.

  • Prestigious events

    So many events - sports, festive, cultural, cinema and others - deserve a mention in these pages. To make it easier, here is a list of the main ones.


    Grimaud and La Croix-Valmer: Tour Cycliste du Haut "Var-Matin"


    Gulf of Saint-Tropez: Harley-Davidson Eurofestival


    Saint-Tropez: Classic Tennis Tour with stars from the past


    Saint-Tropez: Patrouille de France - aerobatic display

    Saint-Tropez: Saint-Tropez Classic (walking race)


    Saint-Tropez: Paradis Porsche

    Sainte-Maxime: Aerobatics Meeting

    Saint-Tropez: Rencontres internationales du Cinéma des Antipodes

    Saint-Tropez Golf: Pro-Am of Saint-Tropez-Pan Deï Trophy

    Saint-Tropez: Braderie – clearance sale for shops in the land of luxury

    Sainte-Maxime: Free Flight


    Sainte-Maxime: Rallye du Var, French championship

    Sainte-Maxime: Autumn Festival


    Saint-Tropez: Les Mystères du 21ème siècle - debates open to the public


    Saint-Tropez: Christmas Antiques Fair