Château Saint-Maur


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Récemment acquis par la famille Zannier, le château Saint-Maur bénéficie d'investissements qui renforcent son positionnement qualitatif, il est notamment doté d'un nouveau chai en semi-gravité.

This investment can be put in parallel with what was realized in Quinta doh Pessegueiro (in Douro, DOC, in Portugal). It is with modesty and clear-sightedness that Roger Zannier immortalizes the techniques of ancestral cultures, innovates by setting up the most modern processes of wine making together with a son of the soil Cyprien Margnat. The family is one of the most important values to Roger Zannier. He thus confided the management of the domain to his son-in-law Marc Monrose. This bourguignon of origin, sensitive to the earth, attached to the cultures and to the values, to love of the life and the wine, is unquestionably the right man for the job. In front of the Château, discover also their latest creation: a very modern and elegant cellar ! Sublissime !

Château Saint-Maur
CD 48
535 Route de Collobrières
83310 Cogolin