L'Atelier Provençal


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A direct selling of products from the ranges Conserverie Au Bec Fin and Le Temps des Mets made in our factories, as well as a selection of the other regional and craft producters.

The Atelier Provençal is the terroir of Provence in one space. This concept mainly highlights the Provençaux products that we produce at the brand s: Boir Fin Conservancy, Le Temps des Mets and Notre Terre (Bio range). You will also find other products from Provence as a counter of olive oils, a cellar in Pastis, a loose concept of herbs from Provence.
You will also discover high quality brands such as the large tea house Mariage Frères, Leonardi vinegar very appreciated by the great chefs, the house Caviar de Neuvic (Caviar French of Dordogne), the Domaine d’Argens truffle specialist (black, white and summer) based in the Var, as well as a selection of the most beautiful vineyards of Provence, but also the most confidential.
During your visit to the Atelier Provençal, you will have the opportunity to read the many testimonials of Brigitte BARDOT, absolute icon of Saint-Tropez, but also the designer Philippe STARCK.
Live the experience, live in Provence, live the Atelier Provençal !!!

L'Atelier Provençal
RD 98
50, avenue de Valensole
83310 Cogolin