The sarrasin door


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The sarrasin door, dating from the 16th century, was the eastern point of entry to the village.

On the façade wall can be seen two corbels, protruding stones which once supported a wooden watchtower. This cantilevered construction provided a dominant position over any unwanted visitors. On the inside, hinges supported a wooden door which was closed into place with a beam to protect against the dangers of war and plague. In the vault can be seen a space of around twenty centimetres between the wall and the beginning of a vault destroyed and replaced by flooring. This was the location of a portcullis, or sarrasin, housed on the upper floor and lowered at night. This door, located at the bottom of the village, was part of a defensive system composed of a surrounding wall, or barri in provençal, still clearly visible all around the core of medieval residences.

Porte Sarrasine
rue Rompe Cul
83350 Ramatuelle