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Including a serpentine stone portal dated 1620, the church was built in the 16th century against the ancient ramparts - the covered way on the church roof is still intact. The bell tower was a former lookout post. Inside, you will discover 16th century gold-leafed wooden statuettes, a bust of Saint-André - the Patron Saint of Ramatuelle carved from the stump of a fig tree and two 17th century altarpieces.

In the Middle Ages the parish church of Ramatuelle, known as Notre-Dame du Pin, was situated close to the current location of the town hall. At the end of the 16th century, during the Wars of Religion, the building was destroyed and rebuilt on the current spot. The people of Ramatuelle feared that its position, overhanging the village, might enable armed gangs to bombard them. A stone on the quoin to the right of the façade bears the engraved date of its construction: 1582.

Its bell tower is the remains of a 14th century watchtower. A section of the patrol path of the medieval surrounding wall still survives on the church roof.

The beautiful door from 1620 is made from serpentine, a veined bluish-green marble extracted from quarries in the Maures Massif.

The church was home to several tombs of confraternities, associations of laymen devoted to religious practices. In 1692, Joseph d’Audibert, the 29-year-old son of the Lord of Ramatuelle, was buried to the left of the choir, after drowning in a stream in Grimaud.

The restoration of Ramatuelle church led to the exceptional discovery of decorative paintwork from the 17th century: faux marble panels, with columns and capitals, crowned by decorative floral friezes retaining marvellously fresh colours. The decorative work on the right has been restored, that on the left is untouched.

Under the vault of the choir, the Assumption of the Virgin is a 19th-century copy of a famous canvas by the 17th-century Spanish painter Bartolomé Murillo:

the Virgin rises up into heaven surrounded by putti

in the four corners, in trompe l'œil decorative plasterwork, are symbols of the Four Gospels

on the right, the eagle of Saint John the Apostle and the lion of Saint Mark

on the left, the ox of Saint Luke and the angel of Saint Matthew

below, behind the retable of the high altar,

the holy spirit surrounded by cherubs and flanked by two angels at prayer

to the right of the choir:

the baptism of Christ by John the Baptist in the river Jordan

John the Baptist is depicted as a shepherd, Christ, his feet in the river Jordan, is depicted with his hands clasped and head bowed in humility

above are the dove of the holy spirit in a cloud

then God the father, with open arms

to the left of the choir

is the Annunciation,

the announcement made by the archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary of her divine maternity

the archangel Gabriel on a cloud, holding a green branch, symbol of peace

the Virgin Mary is shown at home, kneeling.

she is surmounted by the dove of the Holy Spirit.

Eglise Notre Dame
83350 Ramatuelle