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On the 2nd of December 1851, the Prince president, the future Napoléon III, announced a coup d’Etat and the population rose in revolt. The villages of the massif des Maures took up arms, as a republican duty to defend the constitution. At La Garde-Freinet, the town hall was besieged and the council were taken hostage by the inhabitants. The uprising in the Var was rapidly suppressed and a number of the insurgents were condemned to be transported to Algeria or to Cayenne.

At the time of the first commemoration of this almost forgotten event, in 2001, the commune of La Garde-Freinet decided to re-name a street after one of the symbolic figures of the insurrection, Jacques Mathieu, briefly mayor of the village, was deprived of his post by the Prefect of the Var. The council, also, has placed a plaque at the base of the column which celebrates the one hundredth anniversary of the French Revolution, and which can be found in front of the present town hall.