The Chapel of Saint-John

Chapelle - Calvaire - Edifice religieux

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La chapelle Saint-Jean est en fait constituée de deux chapelles distinctes qui ont fusionné, auxquelles furent ajoutés plusieurs corps de bâtiments après la révolution.

Only the buttresses on the side of the place de la Mairie and a door surmounted by a niche to the east identify the presence of two seventeenth-century chapels. Today, they appear hidden by later developments. The chapel of Saint-John, Saint-Anthony and Saint-Crispin was divided in the nineteenth century, on two levels by a barrel vaulted ceiling. This gives the ground floor a certain intimacy. We have left the first floor as it was, about 13 metres long, with two double arches, beneath a gothic vault. The Chapel of the Penitents, dedicated to Our Lady of the Annunciation is smaller and the floor raised above the east front of the chapel Saint-John. The vault is curved and is lit only through two windows in the vault and a small window which frame the door.

La Chapelle Saint-Jean
Rampes des Sarrazins
83680 La Garde-Freinet
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