The St-Roch chapel

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The St-Roch chapel of Grimaud dates from XVIIth century.

Saint Roch, born in Montpelier in the XIVth century, was renowned in Provence to protect oneself from contagious diseases and in particular from the plague. In 1937, two young women, in convalescence at Grimaud, painted the life of the saint to thank the Grimaudois of their hospitality : there is a succession of panels ,  from the left choir to the right, depicting Saint Roch from his birth to his death. The legend says that Saint Roch, the son of a middle-class family,  decided to sell all his properties at the age of 15 to devote his life to poor people. During a pilgrimage to Rome, he took care of plague victims. On his return to Montpellier, he contracted the plague.  In order not to contaminate other people, he took refuge in a forest where angels did a spring appear and treated him. A dog brought him dayly some bread and saint Roch was cured. His cult widely spread in the West from the XVth century on. Saint Roch is particularly venerated in Italy and in the South of France.