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Restored in 1964, the austerity and Medieval style of the chapel's central knave have now been restored. The inside of the chapel is shaped like a Latin cross.

In the side chapel, the 16th century Carrara marble font bearing the inscription 'Presbit Monachus de Grimaldi', according to the legende, is said to have been offered by King René. The stained-glass windows are by Jacques Gautier (1975). Square bell tower, topped by an arrow and a lightning conductor (lightning has already fallen here twice...). Today's bells date back to 1866 and 1786.

The ¨Parish Church of St Michael Grimaud, is a classified historic monument, dating from the second Provencal Romanesque period, i.e., the end of the 12th century, beginning of the 13th century. Sober and massive in construction, on looking at the façade of the building, one can see the base and cornerstones formed of large granite blocks quarried from local stone.  A walled door can be seen in the top left of the façade it provided access under the roof apart from that we know nothing of its utility. Going to the left side of the church, we can see an 18th century staircase which give access to the 16th century bell-tower covered with an octagonal dome a two-storeyed construction of basalt and serpentine, housing two bells. Below the roof line the slab stones of schist which form the wall suggest the existence of a primitive roof which was built in this abundantly available local stone of the Maures region.

The parish church of Saint Michael has preserved its original form : a great nave with a granite barrel vault and arches in grey limestone which are carefully matched. On entering the church one can see to the left the baptismal font, the windows are the work of the artist Jacques Gautier and date from 1975 Above the chancel arch, a mural dating from the 19th century. In the center, one can see Saint Michael slaying the dragon, on one side Saint Peter holding the keys and on the other, Saint Paul with a sword. To the right, we see what remains of an 18th century floral wall-painting. The sanctuary is apsidal in form, flanked on the left by a small chapel where we see the statue of Notre-Dame de la Queste which comes from a medieval chapel of that name outside of the village. To the right of the chancel, you can see the statue of Saint Michael and a delicately vaulted chapel. Nearby there is a fine marble holy water stoup, dating from the 16th century, and engraved with the text indicating that the donor was a monk officiating in Grimaud. To visit the chapel of Notre-Dame de la Queste, you can enquire at the Tourist Office.

Eglise St Michel
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