The place called the "Gardiole"

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You are in Grimaud 80 m above sea level, to the place called the” Gardiole”. It is an excellent lookout post on the “Vallée de la Garde” and the Gulf of Grimaud, today called Gulf of St-Tropez. From here, in the middle ages, we could see dangers coming from the sea.

At the end of the 9th century Saracens, from Spain set up a military post in the “massif des Maures”. We don’t know exactly where these soldiers, and their kaid, were established. Definitely drived out in 972, the Saracens, have over the centuries, fed the Provençal imagination so becoming the subject of many legends. But, beyond wars and raids, in peacetime, beaches and deep narrow creeks of the seaside, were place of embarkation for forestry products: cork, bark, wood, leaves, chestnuts. But also of landing stage for all kinds of manufactured goods: tiles, bricks, millstones from Fréjus, Marseille, Nice or Genoa.