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A waterside village which emerged from the marshes in 1966, Port-Grimaud is a genuine architectural tour de force, signed by the famous 20th century architect François Spoerry. This Neo-Provençal style complex, with its Mediterranean atmosphere, stretches over 220 acres and includes about 2 000 houses. Visitors must leave their car at one of the fortified gates at the villages entrances and explore on foot or by boat. The village's tiny islands are linked by Venetian-style bridges, decorated with columns, old-fashioned lamp posts, trompel'oeil and a maze of arcades - especially around the more recent Place du Sud. A real aesthetic success which has since been reproduced in the United States.

Cité lacustre de Port-Grimaud
83310 Grimaud
Office de Tourisme
679 Route Nationale
83310 Grimaud