The Sarrasine Gate


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The Sarrasine Gate was one of the medieval entrances of a town wall construction which is called barri in provencal language. The entrance to the village was defended by a strong gate from wood and a portcullis called sarrasine.

If you have a look closer to the gate you will see on the left side, one of the hinges of this gate, and on the right side the hole provided for a beam to close it. In the arch the part of bricks forms the space to drop down the portcullis. The arch and the corn stones on the right, are made of green-bluish serpentine marble quarried from the local stone, and built with bossed stones, which are a characteristic sign of civil and military architecture of the 14th century. At the beginning of the 14th century the feudal district of Gassin had around one thousand inhabitants. The territory of this district was much larger than today with a surface of almost 6.500 hectares. It got reduced in 1929 by the separation of the community of Cavalaire, and again in 1934 by the secession of La Croix-Valmer.