Demeure Sellier

Hôtel particulier

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Demeure Sellier, or the Sellier residence, was the family home of De Cuers, Co-Seigneur of Cogolin, from 1651 to the French Revolution.

The facade openings are decorated with serpentine, a bluish-green marble extracted from quarries in the Maures Massif. The door, with its keystone adorned with an acanthus leaf, and the crossed and mullioned windows on the first floor, are characteristic of 17th century Provencal architecture.

The interior contains a magnificent monumental staircase with a banister and balusters. 

ogolin’s De Cuers family provided a number of great sailors to the King of France, including: Jacques (1621-1700), squadron commander of the naval forces, Jacques-Philippe (1740-1794), ship’s captain, last Seigneur of Cogolin, guillotined in 1794. The Demeure Sellier was donated to the commune of Cogolin in 1982 by Lucien and Marie-Josèphe Sellier. It is now a temporary exhibition space for local artists, and home to the Cock Museum, in honour of the town’s symbol.