Jardin remarquable L'Hardy

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Huddled up against the green hills of the village of Gassin, the beautiful private garden of Marie-Thérèse L’Hardy, a botanical fanatic, is quite surprising. With about 600 Mediterranean species for 2 495 m², the garden is open every day for free visit, alone with a map or with Marie-Thérèse as a guide. Located in the village of Gassin, near the Place Deï Barri, after the 5th hackberry tree coming from the Church, take the little stairs down to the garden. Tel. :

Jardin remarquable L'Hardy
Place des Barrys
83580 Gassin
04 94 56 18 72
Maison du Tourisme
4170 RD 98 A
Carrefour de la Foux
83580 Gassin