Les Roches Blanches -Rando 5

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La Garde-Freinet
Magnificent walk to the highest point of La Garde-Freinet, the Roches Blanches (White Rocks) at a height of 637 m. Site of geological interest; these rocks consist of sparkling quartz veins emerging from the schist. The panoramic view is breathtaking.
From the parking at the cross go back the road down to the hairpin bend (red fire hydrant). Take the path straight in the bend going up to the right and continue this path the most on the right. At a small clearing take the path at left going up to an antenna. (approx. 30-45 minutes from the beginning)
Near the antenna go towards the small shed, follow the footpath straight in front of it for about 10 min.. You will arrive just in front of the Roches Blanches, at the highest point of La Garde-Freinet (637 m). These rocks consist of quartz veins and mica-schists. (You make take the path that continues and marked on the map as « option »); Otherwise, go back towards the antenna, and near the small shed go down the winding path at the left for about 650 m. You will arrive on a large track, take it to the right in order to get back to the parking de la Croix.
  • Free of charge.

  • French
  • Pets welcome
  • 5.8 km
  • 180 min
  • Balisage : yellow
  •   Rocher Cailloux Terre Gravillons Non adapté aux poussettes
Les Roches Blanches -Rando 5
Chapelle Saint Jean
RD 558
83680 La Garde-Freinet

All year round.