Rencontres littéraires : Le Bar à livres

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At the BAR À LIVRES, stories about words and "animots" are told over tea or coffee...

Every second Tuesday of the month, the happy band of friends at the Book Bar meet for a chat! Favourites, gripes and impressions of readings are exchanged in a friendly atmosphere of sharing during which no names are spoken!

This year, the "animots" invite themselves to the Book Bar and summon animal emotions to the heart of literature and language. Feathered, furry, scaly, warm-blooded, cold-blooded... a thousand and one animals for a thousand and one stories

THEME 2023: BEAST FEATHERS... Animals and animalities in 20th and 21st century writing and literature.
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Rencontres littéraires : Le Bar à livres
107 route du Plan de la Tour
Carré Léon Gaumont
83120 Sainte-Maxime

Tuesday 11 April 2023 between 4 pm and 6 pm.