Humour & Music: J'ai des doutes

Show - One man Show

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French music concert. Fascinated since adolescence by Raymond Devos, the actor (ex-Deschiens) and chronicler of France Inter, François Morel pays a vibrant tribute to Devos' gentle and dizzying madness. A jubilant creation that borrows from the illustrious artist the title of one of his famous sketches where he questions the universe, the madness of existence and the incommunicability, with his unparalleled talent.

François Morel immerses himself body and soul in Devos' prose to invent a show in honor of the great white clown "with the grain of madness capable of stopping the well-oiled mechanics of logic, reality, everyday life."
  • Full price: 28 € / Reduced price: 21 € / White card price: 20 € / Young card price: 15 € .

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    04 94 56 77 77
  • French
Carré Léon Gaumont
107 route du Plan de la Tour
83120 Sainte-Maxime

Saturday 14 March 2020 at 8.30 pm.