Exposition de Paul Mason


Exhibition of the artist Paul Richard Mason at Lavoir Vasserot Paul Richard Mason's exhibition will present his various artistic collections: painting, sculpture, unique decorative objects and will plunge you into his unique universe (paintings, sculptures on stone and wood, carpets and lamps in limited series, reproductions). In the same place, in the Vasserot wash house, you will be able to discover his brand new colourful creations, from the smallest to the largest format.
Originally from the United States, this self-taught artist has been exhibiting his work for 25 years in Europe and the United States. Also a musician, Paul Richard Mason founded his own recording studio and collaborated with many musicians and developed several artistic projects. Today, he still performs on stage with his pop-rock band.
In his latest paintings, Mason makes room for more colour, the theme being female sensuality. A true hymn to women, his latest collection transports us into a universe where bodies comfort us.
Her latest collection includes resolutely contemporary works with a design and architectural style. Lately, the artist draws his inspiration from ancient civilizations (Egyptian and Mayan). This collection of abstract works plunges us into a universe where men and animals live in harmony.
You can find the artist's works all year round in his art gallery located at 10 rue commandant Guichard in Saint-Tropez
  • Free of charge.

  • French
Lavoir Vasserot
1 Rue Joseph Quaranta

From Thursday 4 to Wednesday 10 August 2022.