Exposition d'art Aborigène contemporain d'Australie


Red Dunes Gallery invites you to discover a new selection of contemporary Aboriginal art from the central Australian desert in a way that respects the artists and their communities. A modern expression of an ancestral culture dating back more than 60,000 years, contemporary Australian Aboriginal art continues to captivate us with its variety of styles and colours, but there is much more to it than that: the beliefs of the Aboriginal people and their Dreams (ancestral myths). Through their work, Aboriginal artists bring to life in the present their spiritual connection with their ancestors and the land they walked through millennia ago. The ancestral energy released by the motifs and symbols placed on the canvas cannot leave us indifferent because it is expressed with an incredible modernity. Aboriginal art touches us all because it expresses and teaches us the essential: the quest for a lasting harmony between man and nature. Welcome to the 'Dreamtime'...

Red Dunes Gallery is a gallery created by Céline Emery-Demion, of French-Australian origin, with the aim of promoting and sharing the richness of Aboriginal art and culture. Having grown up and lived for twenty years on this island-continent, Céline has come to appreciate its fascinating nature, its incredibly diverse fauna, and its immense territories. Thanks to her parents who regularly travelled with her brothers in the bush to discover the country, she was able to develop a very intimate bond with this land and its beauty from an early age. This very personal attachment to the Australian land naturally led her to the discovery of Aboriginal art about ten years ago, and this discovery has turned into a passion.
Back in France, she now wishes to share the energy and artistic power of this people, who, despite past persecutions, remain a strong people, constantly fighting for the recognition of their rightful place in Australian society.
  • Free of charge.

  • French
Lavoir Vasserot
1 Rue Joseph Quaranta

From Thursday 22 to Wednesday 28 September 2022 between 9.30 am and 8.30 pm.